Chapter: Orlando
Contact: Greg Harrison
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On August 7, 2015, twenty-four “Florida limestone” modules were deployed east of the popular 8A reef off the Brevard coast.  The modules are made of concrete and natural stone intended to attract marine growth as quickly as possible.  At 8 feet tall and with a 10-foot triangular base, each module boasts over 367 square feet of surface area.  The reef was deployed in a 4-by-6 grid with 20 feet between each module and weighed in at over 72 tons of material.

Thanks to CCA Orlando life member Greg Harrison working with Matt C. Culver, Boating & Waterways Program coordinator for the Brevard County Natural Resources Management Department, the project was a huge success.   Unlike many permits that only cover a small area, the permit for this reef covers an area of nearly 4 square miles.  With the permitting already approved, adding to this reef should be more streamlined and less expensive in the future.