Chapter: Martin/St. Lucie

Contact: Frank Gidus

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CCA Florida partnered with the Florida Oceanographic Society (FOS) to create oyster habitat and to restore seagrass in the Indian River in Martin County, Florida.  The first phase of the project, which deployed on April 29-30, 2016, consisted of deploying 1200 bags of shell (average weight of 10lbs. each) across both days (300 on 4/29 and 900 on 4/30). The areal footprint of the reefs was approximately 600 sq. ft. (150 sq. ft. per site).  The project is located at four sites (known as LS-01, LS-03, LS-04 and LS-05), within the Indian River, a Class III water, Outstanding Florida Waterbody, Jensen Beach to Jupiter Inlet Aquatic Preserve.  

A total 1,410 sq. ft. of shoal grass (Halodule wrightii) was planted at the four sites on May 25, 2016. 100 mats of seagrass, each containing an average of 16 shoots for a total of at least 1600 shoots, were planted.  These oyster reef and seagrass planting activities have resulted in 4,460 square feet (0.10 acres) of restoration work in the Indian River.