Chapter: North Palm
Contact: Bill Camp, Chairman, CCA Florida
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CCA Florida conducted and funded a seagrass restoration project in Florida Bay in 2009 and 2010.  The overall goal of the project was to help restore damaged seagrass beds.  Of the many different industry accepted techniques to complete seagrass restoration, a method known as “bird staking” was implemented.  “Bird staking” is accomplished by driving PVC stakes with wooden blocks on top into the damaged areas, birds then use the stakes as a perch and their excrement acts as a fertilizer stimulating the seagrasses to grow in the affected area.   There were 100 bird stakes and one restoration informational sign installed as part of this effort. The National Parks Service (NPS) was onsite during the installation of the stakes and approved the final construction of the project. The restoration took place on Upper Cross Bank in the Florida Bay within Everglades National Park along the southern boundary, just east and north of Tavernier Creek.

The project came about through the hard work and dedication of CCA Florida Board members Adam Gelber and Mike Kennedy.  A respected authority on the subject of seagrasses, Gelber worked long and hard to get the project off the ground. With the project being located within a National Park, CCA Florida was required to get permission through the NPS via the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), which can be a lengthy and time consuming process due to consultation requirements for potential impacts to threatened and endangered species with the NPS’ sister federal agencies. Eventually, the persistence paid off and the resource won out.   CCA members from around the state converged on Florida Bay to help with the installation. Special thanks go to Diane Harbaugh for her unwavering support to coordinate volunteer assistance and finding an access point in the Keys. Special thanks also to CCA Florida Chairman Bill Bird and CCA Florida Vice Chairman Jeff Allen for their help with the installation of the bird stakes.