Habitat Restoration

Chapter: Ft. Myers

Contact: Adam Miller, CCA Florida

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To goal of this new oyster project is to enhance living oyster reefs in San Carlos Bay, increase oyster densities, and increase the number and diversity of species using oyster reefs.  The Punta Rassa oyster restoration project will enhance 0.13 acres of oyster reefs in San Carlos Bay so that there is sufficient substrate at an optimal elevation for oysters to thrive. The Punta Rassa oyster restoration is one of 8 sites approved for this project that will restore a total of nearly 4 acres of oyster habitat in this area. The proposed project area is adjacent to existing reefs and will remain intertidal and continue to provide forage areas for fish.  This project will enhance an essential habitat feature by adding substrate for oyster reef formation which increase fish prey abundances.

CCA Florida and CCA’s Building Conservation Trust recently contributed $10,000 towards this new oyster reef project.  We will have signage permanently displayed at the oyster reef/boat ramp, one of the busiest in southwest Florida.  The deployment is schedule for late summer/fall 2016 following be a ribbon cutting ceremony.

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