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We Need Your Help with Amendment 40

Please see the below letter from CCA Alabama Chairman Russell Cunningham:



Many of you have heard about Amendment 40 the federal government's most recent proposal to split the recreational red snapper fishery into to two parts, one for charter/ for-hire boats and the other for private recreational anglers. Many of you attended the Gulf Fisheries Management Council's (the "Gulf Council") August 2014 hearings on Amendment 40 in Orange Beach and Mobile and spoke out passionately against the adoption of Amendment 40 and-as I would expect-many of those recreational anglers were CCA Alabama members. We thank you.

Defeating Amendment 40 is of critical importance. If Amendment 40 is adopted by the Gulf Council, it is likely that up to 75% of the entire Gulf red snapper fishery will be privately held by a few individuals, for profit. Worse yet, it will likely reduce the red snapper season for private recreational anglers to ONE DAY. Unfortunately, Amendment 40 could become the model applied to other species of fish under federal management. The solution to the broken federal management system is not to lock recreational fishermen out of the fishery altogether. For more information regarding the detriments of adopting Amendment 40, please visit CCA's website:

The State of Alabama gets a vote on Amendment 40. Therefore, I encourage all CCA members to do two things. First, contact Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Commissioner Gunter Guy and express your opposition to the adoption of Amendment 40.   Commissioner Guy's email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Tell Commissioner Guy to vote no on Amendment 40. Tell him you would like to see Alabama join with other Gulf states like Florida, Louisiana and Texas in rejecting Amendment 40 and its promise to further privatize this fishery.

Second, visit the Gulf Council's website and express your opposition to the adoption of Amendment 40 Click here for the Gulf Council's online comment form: .

If the Gulf Council adopts Amendment 40, it will deliver the snapper fishery, a public resource, into the hands of a few select persons/businesses for their exclusive profit, and the red snapper season for private anglers could be as little as ONE DAY. None of us want to see this happen, so please act now by giving your comments to the Gulf Council and contacting Commissioner Guy.

Russell Cunningham

State Chairman

Please act as soon as possible.


Jay O'Brien
CCA Alabama Secretary
Coastal Conservation Association Alabama
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