CCA Florida urges Gulf states to join Florida in the push for a longer federal season.

Orlando, FL – May 30, 2017 – The three-day 2017 Red Snapper season (June 1 – 3) has recreational anglers in Florida voicing concern, and state conservation and advocacy groups are joining the conversation. Florida’s leading organization dedicated to education and advocacy for marine fisheries conservation, Coastal Conservation Association Florida (CCA Florida), is commending the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) for addressing the three-day season with the federal government, in an effort to extend the season for recreational anglers.

In a letter to the Secretary of Commerce dated May 25, the FWC stated their willingness to work with the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) by reducing the state water season for red snapper, if the Service is willing to have a longer, more substantial federal season. CCA Florida, with a state-wide membership of over 17,000 recreational anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, applauds the FWC, state representatives and the Secretary of Commerce for collectively working to have a longer Gulf of Mexico federal red snapper season for recreational fisherman.

“As a conservation-driven advocacy group, we understand and value the efforts of the state and federal government to rebuild Gulf red snapper stocks, and we’ve been pleased with the results we’re seeing in state and federal waters,” stated Brian Gorski, Executive Director of CCA Florida. “As stocks continue to grow, limited seasons such as this result in a significant impact along our state’s coast, where red snapper fishing is a major economic benefit.”

With Florida conservation, advocacy and fishery organizations’ efforts and cooperation as a model, CCA Florida is urging other Gulf states to join in the efforts, and express their willingness to work together, along with the federal government, to implement a longer federal season.



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