Last chance to stop privatization of Gulf red snapper


Federal management of red snapper is a mess - it has failed recreational anglers and the charter/for-hire industry alike.
Rather than fix the flawed management system, an effort to privatize up to 75 percent of the fishery is being promoted by commercial fishermen and a select few charter/for-hire operators. They are seeking to take advantage of this chaos and ensure that most of this fishery is privately held by a few individuals, for their private use. The rest of us face the prospect of a one-day snapper season in federal waters in 2015.

The states of Florida, Louisiana and Texas have rejected the privatization scheme outlined in Amendment 40. A vote on this intensely controversial amendment is scheduled for next week at the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council meeting in Mobile, Alabama. This vote could forever change how offshore fisheries are managed.  Take action below to encourage your Council representatives to stand firm against any ploy that seeks to privatize a public resource.

For more information on this misguided amendment, visit CCA's Gulf Fisheries web page.

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