The National Park Service (NPS) is accepting comments on its proposals for the supplemental General Management Plan (GMP) for Biscayne National Park. Your comments are due by October 10, 2014. The NPS is presently considering three options on how it will govern the park for years to come.

One of the remaining proposals is Alternative 4 which will ban recreational fishing in the park across a 10,000 acre marine reserve, significantly limiting recreational boating, fishing and tourism related businesses and activities in South Florida. CCA Florida opposes Alternative 4.

Another alternative that is under consideration is Alternative 7, which will establish a Special Recreation Zone that would allow angler access with certain limitations within those same 10,000 acres. Alternative 7 would establishes a summer seasonal closure and but would be open to anglers during the rest of the year.

This is your last opportunity to voice your opposition to this marine reserve and to tell Biscayne National Park that angler access is very important to the Park’s recreational users. Tell the National Park Service by clicking here that you support Alternative 7 and that you oppose Alternative 4.  It is critical that all anglers take a few minutes to send in their comments.

For more information, contact Trip Aukeman CCA Florida at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .