Amendment 40 Update

Please see the below letter from CCA Alabama Chairman Russell Cunningham:



The Gulf Fisheries Management Council (the "Gulf Council") will be meeting in Mobile, Alabama on Monday, October 20, 2014 through Friday, October 24, 2014.  The meetings will be held at the Renaissance Battle House at 26 North Royal Street, Mobile, Alabama 36602.  The Gulf Council will be considering several important items, including Amendment 39 (regional management of red snapper), Amendment 40 (gives a share of the recreational snapper catch to charter fishermen), and Amendment 28 (red snapper allocation between recreational and commercial fishermen).  The Gulf Council is scheduled to take final action on Amendment 40 at its Mobile, Alabama meetings.

My previous message on Amendment 40 indicated that defeating this proposal is of critical importance.  As I explained, Amendment 40 takes a portion of the recreational snapper catch and gives it-at no charge-to the charter for hire industry.    If adopted, this Amendment will likely result in up to 75% of the entire Gulf red snapper fishery being privately held by a few individuals.  The resulting snapper season for private anglers under Amendment 40 is currently predicted to be ONE DAY.  For more information regarding the detriments of adopting Amendment 40, please read the following articles on  CCA's website:

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I encourage all CCA members to contact  Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Commissioner Gunter Guy and express your opposition to the adoption of Amendment 40.   Commissioner Guy's email address is  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Tell Commissioner Guy to vote no on Amendment 40. Tell him you would like to see Alabama join with other Gulf states like Florida, Louisiana and Texas in rejecting Amendment 40 and its promise to further privatize this fishery.

Also, please visit the Gulf Council's website and express your  opposition to the adoption of Amendment 40. Click here for the Gulf Council's online comment form:   

The concept of giving the charter for hire fishermen their own separate share is being pitched as a solution to the broken federal management system.  However, this proposed "solution" is a terrible development for recreational anglers, and represents a further step in the privatization of our fisheries-a public resource.  We cannot allow this to happen.

We encourage all members of CCA Alabama to attend the public hearing on Amendment 40 that begins at 2:30 on Wednesday, October 22, 2014.  Be forewarned - From what we've heard regarding the most recent public hearings, the supporters of Amendment 40 will be there in force to oppose  those speaking out against Amendment 40.

Russell Cunningham

Please act as soon as possible.


Jay O'Brien

CCA Alabama Secretary
Coastal Conservation Association Alabama