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Press Releases

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has adopted new regulations to protect permit. The primary action was to extend Florida state regulations into offshore federal waters and further limit the take of the large spawning size fish.

“It was extremely important to adopt the permit rule modifications to get controls in federal waters where none existed.” said Ted Forsgren, CCA Florida Executive Director. “The regulations adopted by the Commissioners are a great set of amendments and new regulations which will protect this outstanding fishery for many years”.

FWC Commissioners Ken Wright and Rodney Barreto led the charge for changes at the Commission level. Commissioner Wright noted that the permit rule along with the recent bonefish rule plus our great tarpon fishery puts Florida in the international spotlight for anglers to pursue and catch the coveted “flats grand slam”, a tarpon, bonefish, and permit all caught in the same day. “Anglers travel all over the world for such an opportunity and now we are going to be in a position to outcompete Belize and other countries for those angler dollars” said Wright. “It is a good thing for Floridas economy and our status as the “Fishing Capital of the World”.


Anglers applaud decision to terminate catch share development in Amendment 21

ST. SIMONS ISLAND, GA – Recreational anglers are applauding the South Atlantic Fishery Management Councils decision today to “terminate all work relative to catch share development in Amendment 21,” the Comprehensive Catch Share Amendment. In a motion by Council member George Geiger of Florida, the Snapper Grouper Committee yesterday voted to remove catch shares from Amendment 21, setting up todays action by the full Council. The decision is good news for recreational anglers who have been fighting the concept of catch shares as a one-size-fits-all solution to fishery management problems.

“There are so many other things for federal managers to be focusing on other than a controversial management scheme like catch shares,” said Chester Brewer, chairman of CCAs National Government Relations Committee. “This action by the South Atlantic Council signals that NOAA should stop the rush to embrace catch shares and reconsider its priorities.”

Read more: South Atlantic Council Votes Down Catch Shares


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