Water Quality Issues
  • CCA Florida supports the funding and completion of all Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Project (CERP) Foundation projects.
  • CCA Florida supports authorization and funding of projects involving water storage, treatment, and conveyance north, south, east, and west of Lake Okeechobee.
  • CCA Florida supports all Central Everglades Planning Process (CEPP) projects, with specific emphasis on the authorization and funding of construction of the former Talisman Sugar properties south of the Everglades Agricultural Area, additional bridging of Tamiami Trail, and curtain wall construction in South Miami-Dade County.
  • CCA Florida supports the passage of the Water Resources Development Act of 2016 currently before Congress that includes CEPP funding.
  • CCA Florida supports continued funding and construction of the Indian River Lagoon South C-44 Reservoir Project.
  • CCA Florida supports authorization and funding of the Caloosahatchee C-43 Reservoir Project.
  • CCA Florida supports the C-111 projects in South Miami-Dade.
  • CCA Florida supports South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) efforts to increase water flows into Taylor Slough, which will provide benefits to Florida Bay.  This involves building connections to existing canals, building canal plugs, the reconstruction of a C-31 West canal levee, and other component projects.
  • CCA Florida continues to encourage and promote better communication between the SFWMD and officials and managers of Everglades National Park.
  • CCA Florida strongly encourages Everglades National Park officials to use existing structures to facilitate the flow of additional fresh water into Florida Bay.
  • CCA Florida actively supports septic tank eradication and sewer conversion throughout the state, and especially in areas bordering estuaries and watersheds.
  • CCA Florida continues to promote Best Management Practices for all commercial and residential property owners.
  • CCA Florida continues to promote the use of Amendment 1 funds for everglades restoration and other legally-mandated purposes.  CCA Florida actively supported the passage of Legacy Florida legislation.
  • CCA Florida continues to monitor and, to the extent possible, participate in local initiatives that can possibly help our estuaries, such as the Indian River Lagoon Summit, and Brevard County’s recent actions to fund various IRL restoration projects through a ten-year sales tax.

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