Water Quality Issues

Florida's lawmakers are working on a law which calls for the purchase of approximately 60,000 acres of land for use as a dynamic water reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee. On Tuesday, March 7, Senate Bill 10 underwent a massive rewrite.  Now called "An act relating to water resources", the measure is more comprehensive and contains four times the text of its predecessor.

CCA Florida applauds the continued work of our lawmakers, and was on hand to listen to remarks at an Appropriations Subcommittee Meeting last Wednesday.  Senator Bradley confirmed that the proposed reservoir is in addition to - and in no way should interrupt - important Everglades restoration projects currently underway or planned.  CCA Florida believes this is a vital qualification to storage east, west, north and south of the lake, which Senator Bradley also mentioned.  Our lawmakers continue to show commitment to a comprehensive plan to improve Florida's water quality addressing septic tank issues, residential and agricultural impacts, and wise use of the land we Floridians already own south of Lake Okeechobee and elsewhere.  How we pay for all these measures may prove quite controversial, and CCA Florida urges everyone to be patient and respectful of differing opinions.

CCA Florida will continue to monitor the measure as it travels through the Senate and House.  The thoughtful and comprehensive approach of our elected representatives is encouraging, and CCA Florida commends their hard work.

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