On Tuesday, August 9th, CCA attended a Brevard County Commission meeting where a vote was taken by the commissioners to put a funding referendum option for the Save Our Lagoon Project Plan out to Brevard voters.  After more than 50 speakers voiced their opinions for over 4 hours supporting the referendum, the commissioners voted unanimously to put a half-cent sales tax for the Save Our Lagoon Project Plan on the November 8th ballot.  The half-cent sales tax, if approved by voters, will generate over $300 million over the next 10 years to help restore the lagoon.

Prior to the public speakers, the meeting commenced with Virginia Barker from Brevard County, Dr. John Windsor from Florida Institute of Technology, and consultants from Tetra Tech, Inc., and CloseWaters, LLC putting on a detailed presentation outlining the various components of the plan.  The Save Our Lagoon Project Plan proposes to accelerate several restoration measures over the next 10 years including muck removal, septic tank upgrades and removals, stormwater projects, wastewater treatment plant upgrades, fertilizer management, education, and oyster restoration projects.

“This is an important step for Brevard County in restoring the lagoon’s balance. This is a very solid plan that covers everything from the reduction of pollutants and nutrients to the removal of muck, the restoration of water-filtering oysters, as well as success monitoring as a response to the ever-changing conditions.  We are very appreciative of the effort the Brevard County Natural Resources staff and all those involved put into this plan,” said Frank Gidus, CCA’s Director of Habitat and Environmental Restoration.  

For more information, please contact Frank Gidus at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  To view the entire Save Our Lagoon Project Plan, please visit https://www.brevardcounty.us/docs/default-source/natural-resources-documents/attachment-a-save-our-lagoon-project-plan-072716_final.pdf?sfvrsn=2.